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Bianca Keybach


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Andrea Presser
Andrea Presser

Executive Assistant

Hugo-von-Königsegg-Str. 8
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Dirndl, lederhosen, iPad - the 2012 Holiday Magazine

Dirndl Dresses, Lederhosen Trousers and iPad - The New Look 11/21/2011

The Allgäuer lifestyle Spa Resort is presenting itself in their newest catalogue edition 2012 innovative. In addition to text and pictures, digital inspiration can be found.

The red i indicates: Here is your Tourist Info 2.0

The Big Red Letter "i" Has A New Meaning: Around The Clock Infor 11/21/2011

Since 50 years, the red "I" has signaled the "Tourist Information" in German holiday resorts. In Oberstaufen, in the region of Allgäu, the red info. "I" promises a wider range of digital information about the region and the various offers of accommodation.

Free Wi-Fi in Oberstaufen

WLAN for Everyone 11/21/2011

Just a quick look at the incoming Emails. Check out the site for recommended events: People want to be able to go online 24 hours, even during their holidays. Checking up on the weather situation during a short weekend trip, and maybe gather a few suggestions.

Benjamin Buhl, Walter Grath, Bianca Keybach, Pia von Sicherer und Ruth Moschner

PR Report Award 2011 for Oberstaufen 05/06/2011

The Oberstaufen Health Spa in Allgäu, Bavaria, was awarded the "PR-Oscar" in the category "Corporate Media", for their advertising campaign with Google Street View.

Wir sind der digitalste Kurort Deutschlads

KEYBACH: "Using Google Street View For Destinations" 10/29/2010

The tourism manager, Bianca Keybach, states the advantages of Google's Cartographic Street View service for the tourist trade.

Social Web

Social Web presence: Added value for everyone 04/02/2010

Online-TV, Facebook, Twitter and Travel Communities are essential aids to help gain and support new potential guests. The Health Schroth-Spa Oberstaufen has taken action by training all of their employees, working in the Tourist Information Offices, in the handling and use of the social netw…


Oberstaufen’s Christmas present for snow lovers 12/19/2009

In Oberstaufen on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, the newest most modern up to date 6-seater chair lift to be found in Germany at present, covering a distance of 1.3 km, will be opened. This means no more long queues and waiting times at the lifts. In just 4.5 minutes, the heated 6-seat…

Deutscher Tourismuspreis

Oberstaufen awarded the German Tourism Prize 2009 11/06/2009

The innovative concept “Oberstaufen Plus”, which is a guest orientated initiative, proved to be successful and was able to convince the jury, and was awarded first place with the German Tourism Prize 2009. The “Oscar” for the tourisim industry was presented to Oberstaufen on Thursday evening…

Buchenegger Waterfalls

A step closer to the heaven: Premium Route Extended Tour 05/20/2009

On the 21st of June 2009 is the opening of the new certified Premium Route Extended Tour: “Buchenegger Waterfalls”, taking the walker through the famous Natural Reserve Nagelfluhkette mountain range. To celebrate the occasion the pathway will be officially blessed with an open air Holy Mass …

Glücksgefühle in der Schrothpackung

Wraps, Wine and Walking: Schroth Cure makes you happy 05/06/2009

Modern day diets with illustrious names and big promises often end in frustration. The Schroth cure is not comparable: The name is conservative, the principle simple - the impact effective. This fasting regime according to Johann Schroth has an effect on the body, like the fountain of youth.…

Sommerrodelbahn am Hündle

“Holiday without additional expenses” also available in 2009 03/03/2009

After the successful start last year of the Oberstaufen-Plus programme, holidaymakers will be able to enjoy another year of “holiday without additional expenses” in 2009. The visitor can save a lot of money, even during the high season. Where as in other resorts guests tend to sink in high c…